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Back to Germany

After arriving in Germany on Friday morning I was pretty tired since I couldn't sleep very much on the plane. Meeting my parents and some of my friends again made me really happy. I am already quite used to Germany. But even if I am still communicating with my exchange family, I already miss them and Colorado very much. I had a great time there. I met so many friendly people, visited great sights and experienced the american culture. I miss all of this. But I won't forget the exchange ever. Thanks to all the guys who made it be like this. I enjoyed the whole 17 days. The End!!!!!

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Last day

Today was our last day in Colorado. Tomorrow we go back to Germany. Actually it was also our last schoolday at Horizon Highschool. Even if we spent a good day at school, I was sad since this was the last chance to meet all my new friends. I met so many nice people during the 17 days of the exchange and I am going to miss all of them. In the evening we had our Goodbye barbecue at a nice park. We ate Hamburgers and german Bratwürste. Afterwards we played some games, talked to each other and had fun. Unfortunately this meant the end of the exchange.

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