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Experience of the climate in Colorado

Today was a great day. We went again to the Rocky Mountains, but this time on a more than 14000 feet high mountain. On the top of it there was still much snow. My exchange partner, his little brother and me decided to climb up a hill and slide down on the snow afterwards. That was really funny. When we went back, we experienced a warmer climate and the wildlife. Down there there were many deer and elk that we could watch. At the moment we are relaxing and watching a movie so that we are well prepared for the schoolday tomorrow.

7.4.14 05:17


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Astrid (7.4.14 20:27)
Hallo Max,
schön, dass es dir bei deiner Gastfamilie so gut geht.
Die Landschaft ist sicherlich atemberaubend. Wir freuen uns von dir zu hören.

Liebe Grüße
Hape und Astrid

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